Our Plumber will attend to your request near you in Chennai same day with 30-day post-service guarantee. Save your time and effort by booking a plumber on Squirrel Service. We are here to cater service to your plumbing needs in Chennai, based on your requirement with the help of a few clicks, Our Professionally trained and verified plumbers will solve all your plumbing problems hassle free.

Squirrel Services provides a 30 day warranty on the service provided

Leak Repair. One of the primary services offered by any plumber is repairing Plumbing leaks.

₹ 599/- onwards

₹ 299/- onwards

₹ on inspection

₹ on inspection

₹ on inspection

₹ 199/- onwards

₹ on inspection

₹ 299/- onwards

Plumbing services

In our everyday life Kitchens and bathrooms are an essential part of a home. Any kind of stagnation such as a clogged pipes or running toilet, can affect your entire schedule of the day, while at the same  All that  fixtures and materials at your home has an expiry date, you need to keep them fine and shine And in a working condition. All rotating materials or machines always requires a constant maintenance while others require replacement of fixtures. It could be a leaking tap that you might be ignoring on your busy schedule needs an immediate attention, such as a blockage in the toilet trap. 
 it will be difficult task to get such chores done in this busy lifestyle, This is where Squirrel Services comes to your rescue. We are here to provide you with our experts and professionals to attend to your need on the click of your mouse.

What is offered?

Squirrel Services is will come to your door step to fix your plumbing related issues. Our services vary from fixing to new fittings, cleaning and other things that come under the expertise of our plumber. Given that the professional is booked for your preferred time frame, the price is calculated on the basis of working hours.

Why Squirrel Plumbing Services?

  • Post service payment – Pay online after you are satisfied and content with the service provided. The payment is taken through an online portal or cash. The link of the same will be sent to you via email and/or message after your errand has been completed.
  • Verified experts – The safety and satisfaction of our customers remain to be on the top of our priority list. This is the reason that each of them is taken through an internal screening and security check to find their expertise in the field.
  • Insurance – We, at Squirrel Services, feel responsible for our customers. This makes us unique from others . We take full responsibility of the ownership of the work undertaken and hence, we have insurance of upto Rs. 5,000 against damages so that you can sit back with ease..


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