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Squirrel Services provides conceptual solution from leader in Home automation ,With Smart Home technologies.  We have partnered  with over 50  leading international home automation companies to bring to our clients the best of smart home technologies at best price. We integrates everything from lighting, music, video, climate control, security and smart phones.

Home Automation is the interesting thing to do, since that all our devices and appliances are networked together to provide us a seamless control over all aspects of our home and more.

Our creative, young, proactive talented engineers geared to offer comprehensive, extremely smart and fully customized solutions.

Squirrel Services provides a 30 day warranty on the service provided

We strive to get into your own world of imagination and thought process to deliver more than what a dream house or work space would look like.

Why wait to upgrade your home to adopt emerging new technology and we bring every thing at a click of your finger.

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